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truSculpt 3D Body Contouring

truSculpt 3D is the latest and most effective procedure for non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting/contouring. The Cutera truSculpt 3D device uses proprietary radio frequency (RF) technology featuring a closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism. This technology allows targeted, repeatable, and uniform heating of the subcutaneous fat layer while maintaining lower average surface temperatures. truSculpt 3D’s multi-dimensional approach to body sculpting and circumferential reduction allows the achievement of the highest clinical efficacy with respect to destroying the targeted fat cells in the shortest possible treatment time. The fat cells are then broken down and disposed of by the body over a period of 3 months post-treatment. truSculpt 3D is ideal for removing those small amounts of fat that stubbornly remain, despite a good diet and regular exercise. Compared to older, alternative approaches such as freezing and ultrasound, truSculpt 3D is more comfortable and faster.  . Turquoise Springs Medical Spa is excited about bringing this state of the art treatment to San Antonio.

Areas that can effectively be treated:

Abdominals (Upper & Lower)

– Lower Back

– Inner Thighs

– Outer Thighs

– Flanks

– Arms

– Under Chin

– Knees

Many men and women who have pockets of fat, but generally live a healthy, active lifestyle, are good candidates for truSculpt 3D. It is very common to have areas of fat that are hereditary and almost impossible to eliminate. Fat pockets can affect self confidence and impact the ability to wear certain clothing styles with confidence. Body contouring has become one of the most innovative, and least invasive, techniques to eradicate this fat.

The truSculpt 3D treatment is based on the science that you only have a set number of fat cells. Once some of those cells are destroyed, it allows you to maintain your shape more easily. It is also possible for the remaining fat cells to grow larger to compensate, if you don’t continue to live a healthy lifestyle. When the truSculpt 3D handpiece is held against your skin the following steps occur:

1. A radiofrequency penetrates targeted fat cells.

2. The device liquefies those cells (apoptosis), leaving surrounding cells unaffected.

3. The fat is released into your bloodstream where it is processed as waste.

4. The fat cells shrink and deflate like a balloon losing its air.

Drink plenty of water before your procedure, throughout the day of our appointment, and after the treatment.

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