Vitamin Infusion

Vitamin Infusion

IV Vitamin Infusions deliver vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption.

Dr. Murphy’s Vita-fusion Formula – for Health and Vitality

Your body needs nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to remain healthy. A perfect diet and avoidance of any toxins entering our body would be the perfect situation, but, as you know, it is not possible to achieve perfection in diet. You are exposed to chemicals, preservatives, photo damage from the sun, and daily doses of cell changing poisons from water, air, and food. Damage to cells is called “oxidation” and this process causes premature aging, weakening of the immune system, and can lead to illnesses such as cancer. Thus, we need potent “antioxidants” and cell nutrients to neutralize these attackers.

We get some protective substances from a healthy diet and some from oral supplements. However, the most direct route to get high doses directly into the cells is by infusing into your circulation through IV Therapy.

Some of the benefits of IV therapy are:
-more energy naturally
-instant rehydration
-can diminish symptoms associated with migraines
-provides instant hydration to skin
-vitamins and supplements go straight to the target and in high enough dosage levels to make a difference
-fast treatment times
-can be customized
-reduced reliance on pills
-ideal preventative therapy
-fights the effects of environmental toxins

What To Expect When Getting An IV Treatment

We offer a relaxing environment where you can take a moment to rest while you maintain your energy, vitality, and health with Dr. Murphy’s Vita-fusion Formula.


– Acetylcysteine (NAC)
– Biotin
– Calcium Cl
– Dexpanthenol
– Folic Acid
– Glutathione
– Vitamin A
– Thiamine B-1
– Riboflavin B-2
– Pyridoxine B-6
– Cyanocobalamin B-12
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin K
– Magnesium Cl
– Niacinamide 40

Micronutrient infusion therapy will be given over a 45 to 60 minute period in our comfortable spa recliners. Optimal dose is one infusion every 6 weeks.


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