Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration with PRP is an outpatient medical technique that utilises your body’s enriched plasma to stimulate the cells of the hair follicles. Growth factors are contained in blood platelets; whose purpose is to reactivate the stem cells present in the skin and regenerate the hair follicle in order to grow stronger and thicker hair.

The procedure of the PRP treatment begins with a small blood sample of the patient placed in a centrifuge in order to separate the white and red blood cells of the plasma. The compound obtained is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and is injected into the scalp with a very thin needle. Patients can choose to do this procedure with sedation for their comfort and return to normal activities the same day.

An entire PRP treatment typically takes an hour and a half. First, the nurse draws your blood and places it into a centrifuge where it’s spun at speeds so high that the different parts of the blood become separated. The platelet rich plasma is removed and then injected into your scalp. Your body’s growth factors go to work for the maximum aesthetic outcome. PRP continues to provide rejuvenation for up to three months after the initial injection.

In most cases, hair grows back stronger and more luminous. Different results are obtained depending on the advancement of the androgenetic alopecia, so the sooner the treatment is performed, the greater the possibility of hair regrowth. It is recommended to have a series of 3 treatments. This regenerative therapy also prevents further hair loss. Ask you provider at Turquoise Springs Medical Spa about any of your hair loss concerns.

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